I’ve been the managing editor or content manager of newspapers, magazines, websites, print and electronic newsletters, and convention show dailies for nearly 20 years. I am well-versed in Associated Press (AP) style, and I attend the American Copy Editors Society conference every year to keep up on the latest editing and style guidelines and grammar rules.

I specialize in:

Did your magazine or newsletter editor recently leave your organization or will he/she be out on temporary leave? I’m available on a temporary basis to lead your publication from each issue’s concept to finished product, which will include working with your staff and freelancers to develop articles and with your art director and print team to design and finalize the publication. I typically develop a project fee for managing editing.
Proofreading involves editing your magazine, newsletter or marketing materials at the latest possible stage, right before the designed publication is finalized for the printer. This ensures errors are caught without creating new ones.
I am available to proofread magazines, newsletters, brochures, annual meeting programs, sales catalogs and more. I proofread directly for organizations and associations, as well as for content marketing agencies as they finalize the product for their clients. I can deliver edits via InCopy or pdf mark-ups. Depending on the project, I develop a project fee or charge by the hour for proofreading.
Copy editing is reviewing and editing the Word document before it goes into the design stage. I frequently copy edit news releases, blog posts, internal proposals and reports, and articles. I have a select few copy-editing clients, and I’m known for my fast turnaround. I charge $75/hour in 15-minute increments.
“Melanie is a meticulous editor with a thorough expertise in grammar, punctuation, style and what just sounds good on the page. She beats every deadline and is friendly and fun. Just the eagle-eyed team member we were looking for.”
Kim Fernandez, editor, The Parking Professional magazine