Freelancer Workshop

How to Build Your Business as a Freelancer
Are you a freelance creative struggling to make enough money? Or perhaps you dream of quitting your day job to become a full-time freelancer?

Do any of these describe you?
• You’re not sure where to find ongoing, well-paying clients without feeling like you’re constantly hustling.
• You’re unsure if you can truly make a living at this.
• You wonder if you’re good enough.
• You are working around the clock—nights and weekends too—and you’re feeling burnout creep in.
• You’re feeling all alone out there and would love to meet other freelancers.
• You’re fighting doubt from your parents—who want you to get a real job—as well as from your friends.

There’s a better way.

In this workshop, you will learn how to embrace the business mindset and network like a pro, which will allow you to develop financial stability through consistent work.

About Melanie
In less than two years, Melanie Padgett Powers went from being a stifled and frustrated communications employee to being a successful full-time freelance writer and editor in the D.C. area. Her success hinges not only on her talent and experience, but her diversity of services and her conviction that she is a small business owner, not “just” a freelancer. She has secured several writing and editing anchor clients that ensure a consistent cash flow—while seeking out new clients and projects every month—which allows her to accept passion projects that might pay less. And now she teaches other freelance creatives to adopt a business mindset and embrace networking.

If you would like Melanie to speak at your networking event or conference, please email her at

Stay tuned for the launch of a MelEdits podcast on this and related topics—debuting in 2018!