Tips from Association Media & Publishing Annual Meeting 2014, #amp14

Trying to wrap my head around all the tips and key messages I took away from Association Media & Publishing’s Annual Conference, May 19–21, 2014, will take awhile, but I certainly made the most of the event.

I was excited to be a first-time member of the Annual Meeting Committee, which meant I (and several others) advocated for more social media, but otherwise I just sat back and learned from many other association leaders. I was also honored to be one of four presenters at the AM&P Pre-Conference on social media, which we called “Turn It Up: Increase the Power of Social Media,” a four-hour interactive session for social media non-beginners on how to take your social media strategy to the next level.

I also took advantage of AM&P’s “independent consultant” exhibit space, which the organization made available for us solopreneurs for the first time. Having an exhibit table led to several great conversations with old friends and colleagues and many new ones. I was reminded so many times how much I love associations and how connected I feel to my association peers.

I wanted to aggregate all the great tips and lessons I picked up — and also wanted to share them with you — so I made several Storify stories from the social media conversations. Please enjoy them below and share your key takeaways in the comments section.

AM&P 2014 Pre-Conference: Increase the Power of Social Media

AM&P 2014: Opening Keynote & a Magazine Cost-Savings Session

AM&P 2014: Tips on Engaging Storytelling

AM&P 2014: Producing Video

AM&P 2014: LinkedIn — Friend or Foe?

AM&P 2014: Share Content Through Social Design

AM&P 2014: We Know How to Have Fun!

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