#152: How Mary Tindall Began to Earn $200,000 a Year as a Freelancer

Today’s guest is Mary Tindall. Mary launched Mary Tindall Communications in 2018. She is a content marketer and thought leadership strategist in Orlando, Florida. Mary leads a boutique agency team that specializes in healthcare content marketing, working with leading institutions and innovative startups across the U.S. 

Mary became a six-figure freelancer in 2020, which was a goal of hers. Then she grew even more and began to earn $200K in gross revenue on her own. As revenue continued to grow, she hired subcontractors to help with the workload and built a small agency model.

In this episode, Mary talks about:

  • The key lessons that led her to earning $200K
  • Her work and family structure
  • How many hours she works
  • Playing the comparison game
  • Why getting confident as an expert on a sales call is so important
  • The importance of following your energy—not mimicking someone else’s schedule
  • Freelancers who are overly flexible or overly rigid
  • What she struggles with 
  • What her daily and weekly schedule looks like
  • How she thinks through pricing projects (Hint: Get on the phone and get super clear on the scope of work)
  • Figuring out her ideal client—what clients make your blood pressure rise versus the ones you love working with
  • How she finds clients, particularly on LinkedIn

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Institute for Independent Journalists conference

Mary Tindal’s program Break Into B2B is a mentorship course for aspiring B2B health care writers. A new cohort will relaunch later this year. Join the waitlist by visiting her LinkedIn profile.

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