#16: Creating a Podcast Network and Publishing with an Independent Book Publisher, with Daniel Ford

Daniel and I talk about our love of reading and books, including a mutual love for V.C. Andrews.

Learn how Daniel and his friend Sean Tuohy started the Writer’s Bone podcast in 2014 and how their original idea changed and grew to what it is today, which is primarily interviews with both well-known and lesser-known authors.

Next, Writer’s Bone grew into a podcast network, adding the podcasts Novel Class, Film Freaks Forever and Pop Literacy.

Daniel talks about juggling all his interests and responsibilities with his day job. It comes down to scheduling everything. He also uses his lunch hour to work on his podcast network.

Daniel has written a novel and a collection of short stories—both through an independent publishing house. Learn how that differs from the traditional and the self-publishing routes.

Daniel explains how he landed with an independent publisher and what he gains from that type of publisher.

Daniel is a marketer, so it’s natural for him to do some of his own marketing. Learn what marketing techniques worked for him while promoting his books.

Daniel recommends you find the independent publisher that is right for you. And he cautions that writing and publishing a book is still a lot of hard work. Don’t think you can write a book for six months and then be ready to publish. Share it with others to get feedback before you send it to publishers.

Ask potential publishers about distribution. Get a lawyer to look over your book contract. And if you have a question of your publisher, ask it.

Don’t be afraid to fight for your work during the editing process.

Biz Bite: Take some time and effort to think about how you want your business to be run. And invest some money to strengthen your initial product.

Daniel’s podcast network:
Writer’s Bone
Novel Class
Film Freaks Forever!
Pop Literacy

Daniel’s books:
Black Coffee—available July 1 from 50/50 Press!
Sid Sanford Lives!

Books Daniel and Melanie mention:
Trust Exercise” by Susan Choi
What Should Be Wild” by Julia Fine
Miracle Creek” by Angie Kim
The Missing Ones” (A Hester Thursby Mystery book 2) by Edwin Hills
Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” by Lori Gottlieb
The Emperor of Ice-Cream” by Gary Almeter

Melanie’s first guest stint on Writer’s Bone
Melanie’s second guest appearance on Writer’s Bone
Melanie’s Writer’s Bone guest blog post: Stop Calling Yourself a Freelancer

Boston area bookstores:
Trident Booksellers
Belmont Books
Porter Square Books
Papercuts J.P.
I AM books

New York bookstore:
Kew & Willow Books, Kew Gardens, N.Y.


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