#161: Getting Very Specific on Who Your Perfect Clients Are, with Eman Ismail

Today’s guest is Eman Ismail, an email strategist and copywriter who is originally from England and now lives in Finland. She also coaches copywriters. 

Eman is the person to call when you want to make money from your emails. As an email conversion strategist and copywriter, she helps six-figure-plus online business owners and ecommerce brands fire up their conversions, evergreen their sales and turn fans into superfans.

Eman is also the host of the podcast Mistakes That Made Me, which asks extraordinary business owners to share their biggest business mistake, so you know what NOT to do on your road to success.

I confess I had trouble coming up with a title for this episode because we cover a lot of ground and Eman shares such great advice and lessons. We talk in-depth about finding your niche and figuring out who the perfect clients are for you. Eman also goes into great detail about her intake form, which weeds out all the not-right clients. 

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • How Eman niched down from a copywriter to an email strategist
  • How finding your niche is not the only way to be successful but is perhaps the fastest way
  • Try a bit of everything at first — your niche will often find you
  • Don’t get distracted by going after the niche where you think you can charge the most; you have to enjoy your niche also
  • How defining your core values as a business owner helps you focus your business goals
  • Switching from monthly income goals to quarterly income goals
  • Paying yourself first, with the same amount every two weeks or every month
  • How Eman prepared for maternity leave
  • Defining and focusing intently on the clients that are right for you
  • Creating a detailed intake form so sales calls happen only with the right clients
  • How to go from an intake form to the sales call to landing the client
  • Tips for freelancers when creating their own email newsletters 
  • Why Eman records all her sales calls
  • Eman’s podcast Mistakes That Made Me 

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