#20: How to Use LinkedIn Better to Find Clients, with Phaedra Brotherton

Today’s guest is Phaedra Brotherton, a career branding and job search coach in the Washington, D.C., area. She helps mid-career and executive professionals who work at nonprofits transition into more satisfying jobs or new careers. She offers career coaching, resume writing, LinkedIn profile writing, and job search coaching services. Phaedra is certified as both a career coach and a professional resume writer.

In this episode Phaedra shares tactical tips on how we, as freelance business owners, can optimize our LinkedIn profiles, find potential clients, and learn how to better network on LinkedIn.

Learn how going to a conference led Phaedra down a new career path.

Phaedra shares why it’s important for freelancers and solopreneurs to be active on LinkedIn. For one thing, potential clients find us often through a Google search, and your LinkedIn profile is often one of the top search results.

You need to start by optimizing your LinkedIn profile. This means being clear on what services you provide and who your clients are.

There are four main areas in your profile to focus on: your headline, photo, summary or what is now called “About,” and your experience section.

Phaedra recommends that we aim to have at least 500 connections on LinkedIn! She explains why these connections are critical.

You need to proactively seek recommendations from people to gain “social proof.”

Use LinkedIn as a portfolio—and keep it updated!—to show your best samples that highlight the work appropriate for your ideal clients.

Phaedra explains how to use the LinkedIn search function most effectively.

Consider joining LinkedIn groups primarily to connect with more people.

There are two main ways to post on LinkedIn: an update or actually writing an article or blog post in LinkedIn. When you post an update, think about what comment, information or link you can share that best shows your expertise to your potential clients.

Consider posting 3–5 times a week and maybe writing a blog post every other week or once a month. Being consistent is important to stay top of mind to potential clients.

LinkedIn job boards sometimes have freelance opportunities. You can set up alerts.

Connect with your alma mater and university alumni to gain more connections.

Look into LinkedIn’s ProFinder service for freelancers. It’s not for everyone, but you might find it beneficial.

Biz Bite: Phaedra recommends two apps:
Feedly (a news aggregator) to find appropriate content to post on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.
Pocket to collect and manage that content.


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