#23: Five Questions to Evaluate and Diversify Your Services

On today’s show I want to help you go through a series of 5 questions so you can evaluate the services you offer clients and think about focusing on the services you LOVE the most—and also think about diversifying your services.

You know I believe you need to think like, act like and BE a business owner. And that includes evaluating the services you provide now and figuring out how to diversify your services and your clients. Parts of my business look very different now than they did when I started almost six years ago. And that’s because I evaluated my services several times through the year and I’ve pivoted as needed. And you need to do the same. I want you to ask yourself a series of 5 questions:

1. What services do you offer your clients?

List them out and be specific.

2: How many services did you just come up with that you offer your clients?

3: Let’s break down the services that you just listed out. Which ones do you love to do? Are there any that you dislike? Any that are just OK?

If you love to do something, why aren’t you focusing more on that? Maybe the thing that you love the most doesn’t pay as well and isn’t as sustainable. However, I encourage you to think about it a bit more. Can you focus on that love with better paying clients? Can you raise your rates for it? Can you package it with something else to increase the fee?

4: What new services can you offer?

5. What do you do as good as or better than any of your competitors? What comes really easy for you? And what do your clients need help with?

I encourage you to really take the time to brainstorm on this and think way outside your current services. Think about what you’re great at and what you love and then think about how you can create a service from that that your clients desperately need.

Biz Bite: Think like a millionaire.

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Ramit Sethi, “I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Ramit’s Money Dials concept

The Bookshelf: “The Nickel Boys” by Colson Whitehead

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