#4: Work Only with Nice Clients, with Jennifer Goforth Gregory

Today’s guest, Jennifer Goforth Gregory, is a six-figure freelance content marketing writer who has firmly embraced the business mindset. Jennifer, who wrote the very useful and praised book “The Freelance Content Marketing Writer,” will only work with clients she deems nice. And she trusts her gut to figure that out. She also looks at each potential client as a partnership between equals, not as if she’s applying for work. It changes the dynamic, showing she’s in demand and that she can be choosy. And it leads to working with only the best clients. Learn how she does it and how you can implement these tactics in your own freelance business.


Learn how and why Jennifer became a freelance content marketing writer.

Connections really matter, Jennifer says. And being nice and helping other freelancers helps you also, besides being the right thing to do.

It’s important to know when a client or project is not the right fit. Look for the red flags and trust your gut feeling.

Jennifer looks back at the year she started thinking—and acting—like a business owner. That was the first year she broke six figures.

Jennifer believes it’s important to work only with nice clients. As freelancers, we have a choice who we work with.

When Jennifer first talks with a potential client, it’s not a job interview. She sees it as two equals looking to do business together, not just whether she can land new work.

Even successful freelancers like Jennifer sometimes fall into the trap of taking on projects because they feel desperate for money.

Melanie may not like the word “hustle,” but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to market and network constantly. The key is to figure out the types of marketing you’re comfortable with.

Hear why it’s important to ask for referrals from clients and ask your clients if there are other projects in-house that you can work on.

Know that you’re not a good fit for every client. And that’s OK.

Jennifer explains why she decided to write her book, “The Freelance Content Marketing Writer.”

Jennifer talks about a passion outside her work: dachshund dog rescue.

Biz Bites from Jennifer:

  1. Have a Freelance Buddy: Jennifer runs all new clients and proposals by her freelance buddy.
  2. Outsource Tasks: Jennifer pays others to do things she’s not good at—like proofreading, transcribing and house cleaning—which actually saves her money.

Jennifer’s book, “The Freelance Content Marketing Writer: Find your perfect clients, Make tons of money and Build a business you love.”

Jennifer’s Content Marketing Writer Blog

The Freelance Content Marketing Writer Facebook Group


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  1. Melanie, I love the new podcast, and thanks for making Jennifer your first guest. I can’t think of another freelancer who has been more giving of her experience and energy to help others succeed. Jennifer’s candor about her own struggles, foibles and successes gives me hope about my own freelancing business. If you’re a freelancer, listen to this episode and subscribe to Melanie’s podcast. I don’t have much time to listen to podcasts, but I make time for this one.

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