#48: How to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety, with Therapist Mira Dineen

Today’s guest is Mira Dineen, a registered social worker and organizational consultant in Toronto, Canada. In her clinical counseling practice, Mira specializes in working with women with anxiety, worry and perfectionism. As a consultant, she designs and delivers wellness programming in post-secondary institutions, startups and nonprofits.

While Mira is only allowed to offer clinical therapy to people living in Ontario, she is available to everyone else as a consultant—she offers wellness coaching and organizational consulting services. Her links are below under Resources

I interrupted my previously announced March podcast hiatus because I wanted to bring you this episode during the coronavirus pandemic. I know I needed some reassurance and coping strategies to manage my anxiety, and Mira offers both of those in this episode.

I know I’m not the only one dealing with the rollercoaster of anxiety—one day paralyzed by fear or on the verge of tears, and the next day feeling fine and ready to spend all day diving into work.

Mira offers gentle, comforting words. But she also offers very practical advice and strategies for all of us, but specifically for freelance business owners.

Please know that anxiety is completely normal right now. Have some self-compassion—you can’t be expected to work your normal productive 9–5 schedule right now. Let’s stop beating ourselves up and let’s do the best we can.

Mira offers strategies on how to figure out what your own individual anxiety triggers are and then how to minimize those triggers. She also talks about how to boost our capacity to work more effectively.

Mira referred to these current times as a “collective uncertainty.” We don’t know what is going to happen day to day, but I hope this episode helps reassure you and provides some strategies to keep your anxiety at bay and help you figure how to keep doing your freelance work.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this interview with Mira! I found her knowledge and guidance to be so helpful – a perfect balance of practical tips and insights for navigating the emotional landscape of this anxiety provoking time.

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