#7: Blogging and Tweeting to Build Your Business, with Michelle Garrett

Today’s guest, Michelle Garrett, has been a freelancer for 20 years. Michelle describes herself as being at the intersection of PR, content marketing and social media. She is a public relations consultant, content creator, blogger, speaker and freelance writer. She is also the host of the weekly tweet chat #FreelanceChat, which she launched in September 2018. Michelle has grown her freelance business through a strategic and effective use of blogging and social media, primarily Twitter. Learn how Michelle keeps up with blogging and interacts on Twitter and how she repurposes her content. You’ll also hear why she launched #FreelanceChat. Michelle mentions several great online tools; the links are in the resource list below.


How working at an agency later helped Michelle with her freelance business.

Providing an array of services helps build stronger relationships with clients.

How Michelle’s blogging career took off.

Michelle collects links and tweets as a “blog idea” file so she always has something to write about.

Michelle offers tips on repurposing your content to market your freelance business.

Michelle took the time to analyze her blog traffic, which showed her, to her surprise, that Twitter was the primary driver, way ahead of LinkedIn. This analysis changed her marketing tactics.

Michelle uses a Twitter scheduling tool, but she says that only using a scheduling tool—without engaging with people directly—is a mistake.

Learn more about the tweet chat #FreelanceChat that Michelle hosts every Thursday at 12 p.m. Eastern (U.S.) time. (Join us!)

Biz Bite: Schedule Social Media with Buffer


Michelle Garrett’s website

Michelle Garrett’s blog

Michelle Garrett on Muck Rack

#FreelanceChat — Twitter chat for freelancers every Thursday at 12 p.m. Eastern (U.S.) time

MeetEdgar (social media management tool)

Buffer (social media management tool)

Pablo by Buffer (image creation tool)

Unsplash (royalty-free images)

Pixabay (royalty-free images)

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