#8: 5 Ways to Make Your Clients’ Jobs Easier

Working at a content marketing agency for two years and now hiring subcontractors has helped me learn what freelancers can do to make their clients’ jobs easier. I learned what I DON’T want to do and what I COULD do to make myself stand out from the crowd. In this episode, I dive into five areas where any freelance business owner could help make their clients’ jobs easier.


Learn why you shouldn’t share all the details of your schedule and your life with your client—but figure out the fine line of when you need to tell them something that interferes with your work, like a funeral or an unexpected flu bug.

Learn why it’s necessary to create a backup list of other freelancers and how you can create that list.

Quick tip: When you’re too busy to take on work, telling your client or potential client you don’t have the “capacity” right now shows that you’re in demand and talented.

Figure out what little things you can do that go above and beyond for your client—within reason. Figure out how to stand out from your competitors.

Learn why I put some of my prices on my website.

Consider creating package deals and listing them on your website.

Consider adding an information form to your website for potential clients.

Biz Bite: Create a Batch Day


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