Content Marketing

I am an experienced content marketing freelance writer. Good content marketing is storytelling. Above all else, respect the content. You can’t fake it and you can’t write blather—audiences are smarter than that.

I use my journalism skills to tell stories that elicit emotions from your intended audience. You want to engage your readers and provide relevant information that helps them with their lives and careers. You want to deliver content that causes your customers and members to think of you as a valuable source of information.

I have been a content marketing writer and membership association writer for:

I have worked with the content marketing agencies Skyword, Imagination, RevMade, CustomNews, Manifest (formerly TMG and McMurry/TMG), Ebyline and Madison/Miles Media.

“Melanie is one of the best writers that I have worked with in my career because she took the time to become intimately familiar with our product offerings. … I know that when she is writing content that our brand(s) will be represented in the exact way we hope to communicate.”Will Brown, chief executive officer at Trovita Health Science, maker of ENU shake