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Melanie has appeared on several podcasts talking about being a freelance business owner, including providing writing and editing services to membership associations, particularly in health care. If you are interested in booking Melanie on your podcast, email her at melanie@meledits.com.


Lost in Translation
#21: How to Fire Clients and Find the Right Anchor Clients


Boss Responses
Full episode: #10: How Melanie Padgett Powers controls the Chaos
Mini episodes #6-9:
How to Respond to Difficult Clients
How to Stop Unnecessary Changes and Revisions
How to Stop Scope Creep in Its Tracks
How to Manage Late Payments and Cash Flow

Writer’s Bone
#631: Best Books of 2023


The Freelance Podclass
The Freelance Writing Niche Class with Melanie Padgett Powers

Hustle & Grace with Hilary Sutton
Six-Figure Low Stress Freelancing with Melanie Padgett Powers of The Deliberate Freelancer

The Joyful Freelancer
Autonomy: The Power of Being Your Own Boss with Freelancer Writer Melanie Padgett Powers

Smart Habits for Translators
Episode 61: Smart Habits for Drumming Up New Business with Melanie Padgett Powers


The Content Byte
Melanie Padgett Powers, US-based healthcare writer and podcaster, shares the secrets of her success

Being Freelance
Being deliberate — Writer and Editor Melanie Padgett Powers

Public Health Epidemiology Careers with Dr. CH Huntley
Episode #191 Public Health Freelancer, Interview With Melanie Padgett Powers

My Simplified Life
Ep 74: How to Create a Solo Business Retreat with Melanie Padgett Powers

January 26: panelist on webinar from The Writers’ Co-op
How to Price Freelance Writing Projects

The Freelancer School Podcast
Finding your Niche as a Freelance Writer

Pro Podcast Stories
Ep. 13: Having Confidence In Yourself and Building a Community with Melanie Padgett Powers

2017 and 2016
Writer’s Bone
Friday Morning Coffee: Live from Chatter with Melanie Padgett Powers

Writer’s Bone
(guest co-hosting)
Episode 228: Live From Chatter With Poet and Literary Historian Kim Roberts

Writer’s Bone
Friday Morning Coffee: Writer, Editor, and Social Media Guru Melanie Padgett Powers

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