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Melanie has appeared on several podcasts talking about being a freelance business owner, including providing writing and editing services to membership associations, particularly in health care. If you are interested in booking Melanie on your podcast, email her at melanie@meledits.com.


The Freelance Podclass
The Freelance Writing Niche Class with Melanie Padgett Powers

Hustle & Grace with Hilary Sutton
Six-Figure Low Stress Freelancing with Melanie Padgett Powers of The Deliberate Freelancer

The Joyful Freelancer
Autonomy: The Power of Being Your Own Boss with Freelancer Writer Melanie Padgett Powers

Smart Habits for Translators
Episode 61: Smart Habits for Drumming Up New Business with Melanie Padgett Powers


The Content Byte
Melanie Padgett Powers, US-based healthcare writer and podcaster, shares the secrets of her success

Being Freelance
Being deliberate — Writer and Editor Melanie Padgett Powers

Public Health Epidemiology Careers with Dr. CH Huntley
Episode #191 Public Health Freelancer, Interview With Melanie Padgett Powers

My Simplified Life
Ep 74: How to Create a Solo Business Retreat with Melanie Padgett Powers

January 26: panelist on webinar from The Writers’ Co-op
How to Price Freelance Writing Projects

The Freelancer School Podcast
Finding your Niche as a Freelance Writer

Pro Podcast Stories
Ep. 13: Having Confidence In Yourself and Building a Community with Melanie Padgett Powers

2017 and 2016
Writer’s Bone
Friday Morning Coffee: Live from Chatter with Melanie Padgett Powers

Writer’s Bone
(guest co-hosting)
Episode 228: Live From Chatter With Poet and Literary Historian Kim Roberts

Writer’s Bone
Friday Morning Coffee: Writer, Editor, and Social Media Guru Melanie Padgett Powers

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