Writer, Editor, Social Media Content Strategist
Melanie Padgett Powers, Washington, DC / Silver Spring, Maryland

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I have been a health writer for 15 years, but I’m not limited there. As a former reporter and longtime association writer/editor, I’ve written in the areas of education, real estate, business, travel, career choices and much more. I am comfortable writing long- and short-form pieces for custom media, association publications, content marketing, consumer magazines and newspapers.

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I’ve been a managing editor or content manager for nearly 20 years, whether it’s for newspapers, magazines, websites, print and electronic newsletters, or convention show dailies. I provide a variety of editorial services, including publication management, copy editing and magazine proofreading. I can also help you develop your content strategy on a short- or long-term basis.

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Social Media

I develop and manage social media strategies for associations and businesses from a content perspective. I focus primarily on Twitter, Facebook, electronic newsletters and blogs but will incorporate other social media platforms as needed. I will work collaboratively with your team to develop social media goals, strategies and tactics. I can teach you efficient strategies to help you create smart content that engages your audience. I also train social media beginners in effective use of social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter.

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Conferences & Events

I love helping membership associations make the most of their attendee engagement at their annual conferences. I can serve as managing editor of your daily convention publication in print or electronic form or cover your meeting on site as an in-house reporter for your blog, electronic newsletter or print show daily. I can also help your team develop and implement an effective social media strategy surrounding your annual conference.