After starting my career as a newspaper reporter in my home state of Indiana, I remain a journalist at heart, and journalism is behind everything I do. I use my reporter’s research, interviewing and storytelling skills every week, and I remain true to the journalism ethics instilled in me 20 years ago. That’s why I declare: Respect the content.

Let me make your job easier:

  • I fact check my own articles and run by sources if you require.
  • I’m a skilled copy editor, so I submit clean copy.
  • I provide suggested headlines and subheads.
  • I always deliver on time.

I specialize in:

  • Health writing (both for consumer publications and membership health associations)
  • Membership association feature articles
  • Content marketing articles and blog posts

I also enjoy writing about:

  • Education (and for alumni magazines)
  • Pet and animal health
  • Small business
  • Social media
“Her articles are well-researched, well-written and are among the most popular segments in the newspaper.”John Estridge, editor, Brookville Democrat newspaper
“Melanie is an excellent writer. I continue to use her for several reasons: she is responsive, conducts research so that she understands the content, meets deadlines and word counts, and provides excellent information that our readers love.”
Kim Howard, editor, Diversity & the Bar magazine


I’ve been the managing editor or content manager of newspapers, magazines, websites, print and electronic newsletters, and convention show dailies for nearly 20 years. I am well versed in Associated Press (AP) style, and I attend the American Copy Editors Society conference every year to keep up on the latest editing and style guidelines and grammar rules.

I specialize in:

Did your magazine or newsletter editor recently leave your organization or will he/she be out on paternity leave for three months? I’m available on a temporary basis to lead your publication from each issue’s concept to finished product, which will include working with your staff and freelancers to develop articles and with your art director and print team to design and finalize the publication. I typically develop a project fee for managing editing.
“Melanie is a meticulous editor with a thorough expertise in grammar, punctuation, style and what just sounds good on the page. She beats every deadline and is friendly and fun. Just the eagle-eyed team member we were looking for.”
Kim Fernandez, editor, The Parking Professional magazine


Good content marketing is storytelling. Above all else, respect the content. You can’t fake it and you can’t write blather — audiences are smarter than that.

I use my journalism skills to tell stories that elicit emotions from your intended audience. You want to engage your readers and provide relevant information that helps them with their lives and careers. You want to deliver content that causes your customers and members to think of you as a valuable source of information — and to enjoy themselves in the process.

I have been a content marketing and custom media storyteller for:

  • ENU nutrition shake’s blog and social media
  • A major national insurance company’s consumer blog
  • A major U.S. hospital’s blog
  • Multiple custom media magazines and newsletters for 16 years

I have worked with the content marketing agencies Manifest (formerly TMG and McMurry/TMG), Ebyline, Skyword and Madison/Miles Media.

Melanie is one of the best writers that I have worked with in my career because she took the time to become intimately familiar with our product offerings. … I know that when she is writing content that our brand(s) will be represented in the exact way we hope to communicate.
Will Brown, chief executive officer at Trovita Health Science, maker of ENU shake


I love helping associations and organizations make the most of their member engagement at their annual conferences and other events. I can serve as managing editor of your daily convention publication in print or electronic form or cover your meeting on site as an in-house reporter for your blog, electronic newsletter or print show daily. I’m also available to live tweet your event.

I have:

  • Served as a daily blogger for the American Public Health Association’s Annual Meeting
  • Live-tweeted and wrote articles for the annual CRT conference (technology in cardiovascular medicine) for three years
  • Presented an all-day staff workshop on writing for the health association’s new on-site conference blog
  • Managed the on-site social media strategy daily on-site newspaper for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Melanie came to our rescue when we were short-staffed and facing mounting deadlines. She seamlessly joined our communications team to cover our annual meeting for our blog and delivered compelling reports and interviews with experts in the field. She produces quality work, and she’s a real pleasure to work with.David Fouse, director of communications, American Public Health Association