Social Media Consulting

I still remember sending my first tweet for a client in 2009. I’ve been developing and managing social media strategies for membership associations and organizations ever since. Now, I’m more focused on providing your team with the skills and comfort to develop your own social media strategy and management process in-house.

I can present to your staff one-on-one tutorials or beginner or intermediate workshops—tailored to their needs. I’m particularly obsessed and passionate about Twitter and Facebook and what they can do for associations, nonprofits and small businesses, but I’m also well-versed in other platforms and will base the workshop on which social media platforms your audience is using.

“Our rural community needed to build a new main library and convince our citizens that libraries were being used more, not less, in these days of technology. We hired Melanie, who provided us with the skills to launch a Facebook page and to develop our own social media strategy. She did more than give us the technical skills; she helped us define our goal. She was patient with our steep learning curve, and her teaching skills are exemplary. We are extremely grateful that we hired her.”Kitty Hall, director, Eastern Shore Public Library Foundation (Virginia)
“To help us prepare to launch our new blog at our annual conference, Melanie developed and presented an all-day hands-on workshop to our communications staff. This was tremendously valuable to help them become more comfortable and adept at blog writing. She even led a brainstorming session so we could develop creative blog post ideas and plan our social media efforts.”Adrienne Fierro, vice president, membership, meetings, communications and corporate affairs, American Association of Blood Banks