Melanie has the ability to be both strategic and tactical with her writing, editing and social media counsel. She brings to the table real-world reporter skills that make her an exceptional writer and editor under the tightest of deadlines. I’ve worked with her to develop faux news articles as part of print media training, as well as drafting blog posts. Not only does she turn around her work in a timely fashion, she brings a can-do work ethic to every project.
— Marina Marich, owner, Dobro Communications



Melanie is a meticulous editor with a thorough expertise in grammar, punctuation, style and what just sounds good on the page. She beats every deadline and is friendly and fun. Just the eagle-eyed team member we were looking for.
— Kim Fernandez, editor, The Parking Professional magazine



Melanie came to our rescue when we were short-staffed and facing mounting deadlines. She seamlessly joined our communications team to cover our annual meeting for our blog and delivered compelling reports and interviews with experts in the field. She produces quality work, and she’s a real pleasure to work with.
— David Fouse, director of communications, American Public Health Association



Knowing that Melanie has edited my copy gives me confidence that my clients are seeing writing that meets the high standards they expect. She is exceptional at spotting errors that normal eyes glaze over. In addition, she appreciates tight deadlines and can always meet them.
— Adam Shapiro, owner, AdamShapiro PublicRelations



When I first met Melanie, she was a student at Franklin College and walked into the office as a paid intern (20 years ago!). With her first article, I realized she was a much more gifted writer than me, and I more or less just had to move out of the way and let her be the excellent reporter she was. She was mature beyond her years and was invaluable as an intern, probably the best this paper has ever witnessed. Currently, she writes articles for us mostly about people who grew up in this community who have gone on to lead interesting lives and careers. Her articles are well-researched, well-written and are among the most popular segments in the newspaper.
— John Estridge, editor, Brookville Democrat newspaper, Indiana