Think Like a Business: My Tips from My Very-First Podcast

In the summer of 2016, I had the pleasure of talking to fellow writer Daniel Ford of Writer’s Bone for my very-first podcast. It took awhile to gather my nerves to make this event actually happen. As I try to convince Daniel in the podcast, I truly am an introvert. Plus, being on “radio,” so to speak, and being the interviewee, not the interviewer, was daunting.

But I finally took Daniel up on his gracious offer to write a guest blog for Writer’s Bone earlier this year. I wrote “Stop Calling Yourself a Freelancer,” a topic I’m passionate about. Freelance writer? Technically yes, but I encourage you to think, act and BE a business owner. My blog post tells you why and gives you four tips to get started.

Next step: to expound on this favorite soapbox of mine in a guest podcast. In the podcast, I also discuss how I got into journalism and why I started my own business, offer my best confidence-boosting advice and nerd out with Daniel over editing pet peeves. Let me know what you think about my Writer’s Bone “Friday Morning Coffee” podcast.

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