What I Can Do For You


I’m a word geek.

News articles. Human interest stories. Consumer magazine pieces. Member newsletter articles. Custom publications. Content marketing. Website sections. Blog posts. I write all of that and much more. While I’ve focused primarily on health writing during the past 15 years, I continue to write in other areas, such as education, business, career features, real estate and general interest stories.

My motto? Respect the content. I enjoy talking with clients about the message you want me to convey, the audience I’m writing for and the interesting sources we can dig up.  My research skills lead me to find the right sources. My reporter’s curiosity motivates me to conduct compelling and thorough interviews. And my love for the written word causes me to spend time on the story lead, the conclusion and everything in between.

But I’m more than a good reporter and writer. I’ll take the extra steps needed to make the story sing and make your job, as the client, easier. I’ll fact check and suggest headlines and subheads. I’ll submit articles at your requested word count and on time—if not earlier. If requested, I’ll suggest a few ways to link the written piece to social media, such as Twitter or Facebook.

Browse through my portfolio and client list, and then let’s talk about what I can write for you.


Whether it’s old school with a red pen or through track changes, I work to clean up a writer’s copy, eliminate unnecessary words, strengthen phrases and correct grammar and punctuation.

I’ve been a managing editor for 20 years, of weekly newspapers, association newspapers and newsletters, health magazines, magazine websites, e-newsletters and convention show dailies. And I’ve spent 20 years winning awards for my ability to create superior print and digital publications tailored to each audience, particularly in the areas of membership associations, custom publications and content marketing.

My editorial services include publication management — need an interim managing editor? — copy editing and magazine proofreading (through InCopy or Adobe Acrobat comments), so let’s talk about how I can help clean up your magazines, websites, press releases and blog posts. View my portfolio and list of current and recent clients.

Social Media

I offer a unique approach to developing your social media strategy, as an experienced managing editor and copy editor and longtime communications professional. I apply the same meticulous editing and precise writing skills to social media. While social media can be fun, conversational and pithy, it still needs to be smart, authentic and error-free.

I focus primarily on Facebook, Twitter and blogs but will incorporate other social media platforms if appropriate to your strategy and goals. It’s not enough simply to say, “We’re on Facebook!” I will help you figure out what you want to accomplish with social media and how to manage it on a day-to-day basis, recognizing your limited time and resources.

I also enjoy training newbies — and getting them excited! — about the effective use of social media. 

Learn what social media successes I’ve had, and follow me on Twitter: @MelEdits and Facebook.

Conferences and Events

I am passionate about helping associations and trade organizations make the most of their member engagement at their annual conferences and other meetings. Need an addition to your team on site? I thrive on creating daily convention print or digital publications as an interim managing editor. Or, I can serve as your in-house reporter for a blog, electronic newsletter, print show daily or other communication vehicle. If you’re a content marketing or show daily vendor, let’s talk about how I can be a freelance writer for your clients’ events.

I can also help your team create and implement an effective social media strategy for your annual convention, including Twitter, Facebook, blogs, electronic newsletters, social media jumbotrons and social media meet-ups.